For the Love of the Game Books 1-3

Lesbian and Transgender Sports Romances

By Alex Washoe

All's Fair in Sports and Love.

On the court, on the field, and in the ring these fierce competitors pursue their dreams of glory. But passion comes in many guises, and romance can be as competitive as sports. What happens when a champion is forced to choose between the love of their lives and the love of the game?

Simply Connected(Lesbian/nonbinary) Once a celebrated child prodigy, Blaise Noether is now a struggling widowed mom trying to keep her head above water while she pursues her Ph.D. Only two things make her really angry: her kid’s math textbooks and jocks. In her mind, all athletes are like the bullies who terrorized her in high school. So when she crosses paths with rising basketball star Christie Dillard, Blaise’s interest is a null set. Christie is everything Blaise fears, fiercely competitive, brashly confident, and totally devoted to her game. That she is also endearingly awkward and irresistibly gorgeous is irrelevant data. But when Blaise glimpses a paradigm-shifting epiphany in the geometry of Christie’s jump shot, she begins to suspect this jock might be the missing variable that could balance the equation of her life.

Diamond Heat: (Transgender) Pitching phenom Daisy Flowers’ career was sidelined by misogyny and transphobia. When she finally gets her chance at the big leagues, every fastball she throws if fueled by rage. Shortstop Jonas Sutton is a talented player who has never lived up to his potential, because he’s hiding a secret of his own. The only thing he loves more than baseball is Daisy Flowers, and he desperately wants to stand by her side as she challenges the whole baseball world. But Jonas knows that Daisy is the fuse on the bomb that could blow his world apart.

The Comeback: (Lesbian/Gender Fluid) Ex-MMA champion Theresa Gutierrez was once the most dominant fighter in the history of the sport, until a devastating defeat almost ended her career. Now she’s come to Seattle looking for a Christmas Miracle, one last shot at glory and redemption. Cameron Shaw is a struggling novelist who would rather be anywhere else in the world than covering a professional fight, but sadly bills must be paid. When these two meet, sparks fly. Worlds apart, they find themselves in the grip of something bigger than any championship.

Each book is a stand-alone Queer romance, but they feature a continuing cast of characters and help to set up not only the remaining books in this series, but also the In the Queerness of Time series.

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