From, Yumi

The Ravings of a Former Japanese Idol

The Yumi Series, Book 2

By Hildred Billings

Moving on doesn't come easy

“The only person who should be reading this diary is me. My future self.”

Yumi Nishikawa has been through hell and back, all while watching her childhood dreams come true. Although she’s achieved the title of Queen of Japanese Pop Music, it came at a price. Her youth, her innocence, and her happiness are far off distant memories that are only sometimes salvaged by her spouse and best friend Chiharu.

One year after she came out to Japan – and the world – Yumi now searches for meaning in her work and life. With a daughter growing up in a world Yumi no longer understands, she’s convinced that she’ll never catch a true glimmer of happiness again. So she journals, almost daily, until she comes to understand more than the world – she now knows herself better as well.

This is the diary of YUMI, the superstar sensation who charmed the world with her catchy songs and girl-next-door style. This is her heart, her soul, and her warped mind that thinks about only three things: hot men, great music… and the occasional hot woman too.

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