Full Circle

The Circle Series, Book 1

By DDale

After 40 years, old loves collide. Sparks fly. Passions flare.

Turning 60 has been a bitch for Deb Hansen. She’s feeling old. Restless. Itching for one more big adventure. But first she has to break out of her suffocating relationship with Moira Donovan, a powerful politician who can wreck her life with a single phone call.

Her annual trip to the Women in Martial Arts Gathering is just what Deb needs to clear her head and steel herself for the impending showdown with Moira. But as she’s making preparations, she’s blindsided by the news that her long lost love, Emily Harris will be there to teach Aikido.

Despite Deb’s efforts to sidestep Emily, the two collide in a volatile reunion on the very first day. Now they must choose: reclaim their love or walk away forever.

As they seize their chance, Deb is hurtled into a dangerous, high-stakes clash with Moira, leaving her with only one way out. Is she willing to risk it all for the only woman she ever loved?

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