Girls on the Run

By Dorothy Rice Bennett

Stacy assumed she and Jennifer could never be more than friends because Jen was straight--or was she?

They give each other a passing glance at an Ohio truck stop.Jennifer is driving west, escaping from threatened harm in Pittsburgh. Stacy ishitching to California, running from being rejected as a lesbian by themilitary and her family. Entranced by the tall, blue-eyed blonde, Stacy sticksout a thumb, and after a moment’s hesitation, Jennifer offers a ride to thestocky young woman with the spiked hair. Jennifer has no clue where she isheaded; Stacy wants to reach San Francisco. They continue west together, and asmiles and terrains slip by, the two forge a tentative friendship despite vastdifferences between them.

When they eventually arrive in the City by the Bay, it seemsnatural to continue pooling their resources for a small apartment while lookingfor jobs. Yet, as weeks pass, Stacy longs to explore San Francisco’s famed homosexualcommunity, where she can meet other lesbians for fun, sex, and love. Jennifer,although attractive to her, is straight and off limits. For Jen, the future is an unwritten book, but thearrival of a friend from home pushes her into the dating world–something forwhich she is largely unprepared.

Despite personal successes in their new world and their deepliking for each other, growing conflict over their lifestyles threatens toforce Stacy and Jennifer apart.

GIRLS ON THE RUN explores families, friendship, sexuality, and the role of destiny in our lives.

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