Haute Editor’s Choice

By Bet Milner

When the nanny returns, more than a few moths come out the closet.

Maria Martinez has it all as editor-in-chief at Haute Magazine: A dream job, a beautiful home, and a loving husband and son.
At least, that’s what it says on her biography. She leaves a few things out of the ‘words from the editor’ section under her glossy covers. The day her son runs away from home and is returned by ex-nanny, Amy Raye, forces her to face some faux pas she hoped would stay hidden at the back of her over-stuffed closet.

Amy left Maria’s employment to start her life and finally get her foot on the career ladder in her area of study, Law. With a P.h.D. under her belt but no experience other than being a nanny, she follows her boyfriend of two years to the sleepy shipping town, Greenshore, taking the only job available in a personal injuries department. To say life is dull would be an understatement, and when eleven-year-old Andy arrives on her doorstep out of the blue, she has no choice but to drive him back to Carnaby and make sure he gets home safe. Seeing her ex-boss wouldn’t be too bad either, especially after Andy confesses the real reason he ran away. Like a moth to a Halston original, she just can’t stay away.

Haute Editor’s Choice is a slow-burning, bisexual, romantic comedy about two difficult women and all their insecurities.

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