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Historical Romance
Against All Odds
Rich Girl / Poor Girl
Heat Level:
Medium (sex scenes are included and may use mildly graphic description)
Adventurer / Explorer / World Traveler
Housekeeper / Servant / Maid
Soldier / Warrior
Veterinarian / Animal Rescue
Geographic Location:
United Kingdom
Farm / Ranch
Small Town / Rural
Sexual / Gender Identity:
Bi or Pansexual
Trigger/Content Warning:
domestic violence, suicide, war related deaths and injuries (humans and horses), death and disability caused by vaccine preventable illness (pre-vaccine era), race riots (not detailed on page but discussed by characters), slavery, Highland Clearances (discussion on where Nell’s family made their money)

Her Lady’s Honor

The Great War Series, Book 3

By Renee Dahlia

The war might be over, but the battle for love has just begun.

When Lady Eleanor “Nell” St. George arrives in Wales after serving as a veterinarian in the Great War, she doesn’t come alone. With her is her former captain’s beloved warhorse, which she promised to return to him—and a series of recurring nightmares that torment both her heart and her soul. She wants only to complete her task, then find refuge with her family, but when Nell meets the captain’s eldest daughter, all that changes.

Beatrice Hughes is resigned to life as the dutiful daughter. Her mother grieves for the sons she lost to war; the care of the household and remaining siblings falls to Beatrice, and she manages it with a practical efficiency. But when a beautiful stranger shows up with her father’s horse, practicality is the last thing on her mind.

Despite the differences in their social standing, Beatrice and Nell give in to their unlikely attraction, finding love where they least expect it. But not everything in the captain’s house is as it seems. When Beatrice’s mother disappears under mysterious circumstances, Nell must overcome her preconceptions to help Beatrice, however she’s able. Together they must find out what really happened that stormy night in the village, before everything Beatrice loves is lost—including Nell.

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Also Available as an audiobook →

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