Home For Christmas

By A.J. Marchant

Lucy's going home for Christmas; Will she stay for love?

For the first time in ten years, Lucy is going home for Christmas…

A corporate lawyer at a high-powered firm, Lucy’s days are spent fixing problems, brokering deals and making other people rich. Little does she know that going back to her small coastal village will be nothing like she expects and that the corporate world has already beaten her there.

Ange, a generational ocean fisher and Lucy’s ex, challenges Lucy’s way of living and working, immersing her back into the slow coastal life, giving them a second chance at becoming something, and reminding Lucy why she wanted to be a lawyer.

On her very first day back, Lucy finds out a large corporation threatens to alter the very heart and soul of the close knit community. Like always, she jumps into action, looking for a way for the villagers to fight back. Will it work? Or will their efforts be thwarted? And will Lucy and Ange get their second chance, or will history get in the way?

Home For Christmas is a romance about two driven women and their tight-knit group of friends who never really grew up. Set in an Australian coastal village, there are Santa races, Christmas lights and festive sand castles, a beloved lawn bowls club, a strong old broad named Nanna Ray, and so much more. It’s a comedy, it’s a drama, it’s a romance. It’s a story about finding and fighting for the things you thought you’d lost a long time ago.

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