Hot off the Press

The Branded Hearts Series, Book 2

By K. E. Morrison

What is it they say about first impressions?

When Great Britain has an unexpected General Election, political journalist Jenna Edwards is excited to go on the campaign trail. That is until she’s assigned to cover the Green Party and their attempt to win more than one paltry seat in Parliament. Disappointed, Jenna resigns herself to weeks of reporting on tree-hugging, plant-based diets, and renewable energies. The only bright spot? Well, that would be the hot brunette she seems to irritate with her very existence.

Senior Advisor to the leader of the Green Party, Sarah Clarke doesn’t have time for unreliable journalists, particularly ones who insist on making a bad impression. She has an entire campaign to oversee, leaving no room for distractions, no matter how attractively they might be packaged.

With election fever gripping the nation, will Jenna and Sarah give in to their headline-worthy chemistry, or will they end up a forgotten footnote in the annals of an election campaign diary?

Book Two of the Branded Hearts series.

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