How To Get A Girlfriend When You’re Dead

By Angela McKenna

A lesbian paranormal murder mystery with demons, witches, and a sprinkling of the undead!

Curses aren’t real, are they?

Easy-going genealogist Ally Brooker knows three things. First, she’s in love with best friend, Char Daniels. Second, there’s a chance Char might love her back. Third, she won’t live long enough to find out because of the curse.

You shall know undying death!

The witch’s words have haunted Ally for decades, and now her fortieth birthday has arrived. Deep down, she doesn’t believe the curse is real, and neither does Char. But later that night, undying death arrives to prove them both wrong.

But there’s good news; Ally can break the curse. The bad news is that to do it, she must find and help the one who won’t be helped, then source a soul for Azagor the crow demon, and deliver it to him in Hell. Easier said than done when the only clues available are a handful of long-lost items from her childhood; one of them possessed by the restless spirit of Elvis Presley.

Assisted by Char and her thirteen-year-old sister Emma, Ally sets out to solve the mystery. If she does, she might recover her soul. If she fails, it won’t just be her soul she loses, it’ll be Char, the love of her life. She has forty days, and they started yesterday.

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