I See You

By Luna Lopez

What is her story?

Thirty-seven-year-old Mia Jacobs is heartbroken following a bitter split from her long term partner, Sarah.

With empty bank accounts, a broken down car, and mounting debts, Mia has little choice but to re-mortgage her home in order to survive.

Walking home from work one autumn night, Mia finds herself standing opposite a house she has driven by countless times over the years.

Desperately unfit, she stops to catch her breath and spies a beautiful young woman in the upstairs window.

Staring into a strangers world isn’t something Mia would usually make a habit of, but something about the sadness in the woman’s eyes catches her attention.

All Mia has to offer is a comforting smile, which is acknowledged by the stranger in the window.

The following night, intrigued, she finds herself outside the house again.

Mia feels an attraction, but knows nothing about the woman.

Returning once more, she plucks up the courage to knock on the door. Invited inside, she is anxious, yet excited to meet the enigmatic Grace.

What is her story?

Is there more to their meeting than simply fate?

Even in her wildest dreams, Mia would never have guessed the truth.

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