Into Darkness

The Heroes and Villains Series, Book 1

By Elena Abbott

A villain meets her match in a hero who also steals her heart.

Victoria Eurille has it pretty good. Also known as Lady Midnight, she’s said to be the only metahuman who survived the Malice — the event two decades ago that wiped out all the other metahumans. Now, she stands relatively unchallenged as she unleashes a one-woman crusade against the people of Haven Falls, and she’ll go through anyone who gets in her way.

Lana Blake died, but she likes to say it didn’t take. Woken by the enigmatic Arturis Corporation, she finds herself with powers beyond what she ever could have hoped for. She takes the moniker Stardust and sets out on her journey to become the hero Haven Falls needs — and to avenge her family’s deaths at the hands of Lady Midnight.

When Stardust puts herself in the path of Lady Midnight, both women find themselves in uncharted waters, with only each other to keep them afloat. As secrets are revealed and answers come to light, will they come together to overcome their foes. Or will their animosity destroy them both?

The first book in the Heroes and Villains saga. Into Darkness introduces the world to Lady Midnight, the reluctant supervillain, and Stardust, the idealistic hero that means to stop her and their ultimate fight against powers far stronger than them that lurk in the shadows.

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