Leap of Faith

The Club Imagine Series, Book 1

By Darbe Ennly

I was ready to risk heaven itself for just one moment alone with her.

There is nothing more frightening than the moment you realize you are different in a way that could change your life forever. A journey of sapphic discovery set in 1980’s California.

I didn’t want to go to hell; hell scared the crap out of me.

The church I was born into promised eternal life in heaven for its members and only its members – no one else was going, just us – peddling exclusivity, status, and fear, insisting that it alone was the one true Christian church and that we were all very blessed to have been born into it.

I made myself commit to it – this is who I am, not that other thing – this is what would save me.

I had to put a stop to whatever this was inside me, and I was bound and determined to do just that.

Then Jordan entered my life…

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