Love on the Line

By Toni Draper

"Ain't no river wide enough" to keep meant-to-be lovers from wading through the deepest waters.

Teresa Salazar grew up on the Rio Grande and has known what she wanted to be since she was a young girl. A Border Patrol Agent just like her father.

Almost two-thousand miles to the north of Texas, Jordyn Jenkins watched friends of hers be taken away by I.C.E. Agents for committing the crime of seeking a better life. She vowed then to fight for the rights of immigrants by becoming a Social Worker.

When the two cross paths as college students and fall hard for one another, they soon find their opposing ideologies create a divide that tears them apart. It’s one that cannot be bridged, no matter how much their hearts would like.

Eventually, time and experience cause them to step back from the extremes of their beliefs and see the reality as more than black-and-white. But before they can find a common ground where they can meet in the middle, they must first reconcile their own hearts and minds.

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