Love Set in Granite

By Amy DeMeritt

A heart-warming love story about courage, coming out, and second chances.

Sidney – Sid – Taranto had planned on never returning to the small town of her youth – Granite, Pennsylvania, a never-heard-of town with a heart just as hard as its name. But after her mother passes away, and after licking her wounds from a bitter divorce, it’s time for Sid to deal with the family home.

After years of deferred maintenance, the once beautiful country home looks more like a giant pile of kindling to the angst Sid bears for the past it represents. But after running into her first love – Chloe Macintyre and her teenage kid, who’s looking for a summer job, Sid decides to keep the flame in her chest, and hires Brook to help her get the house ready to go on the market.

It’s been twenty-two years since they’ve seen each other, but that torch Sid and Chloe held for one another in high school never fully extinguished, and they are just as attracted to each other as ever before. But Sid’s contracting business and home are two-plus-hours away in Philadelphia. And Chloe has her own dental practice in Granite.

If they start dating, how long can they make a long-distance relationship last before they have to make a serious decision?

And Chloe has never come out of the closet as bisexual, even after Brook told her the year prior that they’re non-binary. The fear of what happened to Sid in high school has always stuck with her. Can she get over that fear, accept herself, and build the life with Sid that she had always wanted?

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