Lust Hunters

By Riley Rose

No one ever told her she'd have to deal with sex zombies!

Jess Ballantine is the most kick-ass agent of A.S.S.E.T. – Advanced Special Strategies and Emergency Techniques. She knows how to handle herself in a fight and deal with the most extreme situations. But Jess’s training never covered trying to survive lustful zombies!

She and her best friend Casey have to fight their way through the undead. Only problem – something is making them horny as hell. It’s a little hard to fight zombies when all Jess and Casey can think about is having sex with everything in sight.

Can Jess and Casey fight their lust for each other and for the zombies? Will they find a cure before they turn into sex zombies themselves? It’s a race against desire in this action/comedy erotica!

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