Mat Mates

By G.C. d'Angelique

I never expected my intense heartbeat while wrestling was Serena's fault.

A lesbian wrestling story – hardcore and romcom style!

Patricia “Trish” Parker almost can’t hold her desires back when her body is in contact with Serena’s when wrestling; she grapples with fresh and scary sensations and secretly craves more. Little does she know that “The Queen” Serena Goldi has the seams of her own passion ready to burst. When she finally pushes “Trish” through a no-return turning point, both see themselves sharing much more than just touch. They dive head-first into experiences that are more hardcore than any suplex could be, within the four sides of both the bed and the ring.

Mat Mates is a lesbian wrestling story with lust and also shades of romcom. Readers can expect to be aroused by the steamy scenes, but they will also find a meaningful story until the end.

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