No One Else Could Heal Her

The Clem & Wist Series

By Hiyodori

“I want to see you cry. I want to see you destroyed.”

No One Else Could Heal Her (a prequel to the Clem & Wist series) marks the contentious beginning of a lifelong f/f romance. Their slow-burn relationship deepens in a stratified magical academy packed with rules designed to keep them apart. They’re opposites in every way. Their feelings for each other are stifled, unfamiliar, charged with resentment. And impossible to deny.

In this modern-era fantasy world, mages get all the magic and glory. Mages run the nation. Healers shuffle around in their shadow.

Clematis is a talented healer. That’s what traps her at a prestigious boarding school for high-class mages and the healers being trained to serve them. Her only goal: keep her head down. Pretend to be mediocre. Avoid catching the interest of any mages whatsoever.

Tall, dark-haired Wist is a quiet loner, despite being the strongest mage student in the entire academy. She seems just as determined as Clematis to cover up her true gifts. Yet every once in a while, she cracks and shows more glimpses of her power. For some reason, those moments usually have something to do with Clematis.

Clematis can’t begin to understand why a top-tier mage would try to avoid the spotlight. The sheer infuriating mystery of Wist keeps dragging her in closer. Even if they’re supposed to be enemies. Even if it means making herself a target for envious classmates. Even if every step she takes toward Wist puts her at risk of expulsion.

Once Clematis would’ve been thrilled to escape the academy. Now—confronted with a cold, secretive, long-suffering mage unlike any other—she finds herself scrambling for excuses to stay.

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