Out of The Blue

The Out of The Blue Series, Book 1

By Charlotte Mills

Can Ecologist Robin tame the fiery blonde project manager when they are forced to work together.

At the age of 32 ecologist Robin Carson has never had a lasting relationship, preferring to spend her time building up her Eco-landscaping business with her colleague and long-standing best friend James. Robin endures a distant relationship with her parents, harbouring feelings of being unwanted as a child and a history of disagreements regarding her sexuality.

A meeting with a new client from York proves interesting when she is introduced to her client’s new assistant. Enter the beautiful but fiery blonde Jamie Buxton. When Robin and her small team begin surveying the estate, she crosses swords with Jamie resulting in a heated argument requiring an evening in the pub to bury the hatchet.

The attraction develops for both of them after only a few meetings, forcing Robin to rethink her previous and favoured no strings relationships of the past.

Robin soon realises that she wants what everyone else seems to have, a loving long term relationship, except she can’t quite give in to her feelings. Out of fear Robin attempts to break the bond she has formed with Jamie, but she is unable to follow it through.

After only seven months together, Robin’s life is transformed she is prepared to make the ultimate commitment, until she is prevented by an untimely event that could end it all too soon.

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