Politics of Love

The San Diego Series, Book 2

By Annette Mori

Sometimes politics and love do make excellent bedfellows.

Governor Sandra Murphy is rethinking the sanity of allowing her mother to talk her into considering becoming the democratic party’s choice for the presidential nominee. Sandra has enough to contend with after surviving a bomb attack, thanks to the brave border control agent working alongside the clever undercover FBI agent. Now she has to worry about a pesky reporter who seems to be everywhere scoping stories Sandra would prefer Wynter Holmes steer far away from.

Wynter admires the charismatic governor. After all, she voted for the woman. But that doesn’t give Governor Murphy a free pass. A breaking story is what Wynter lives for, and she isn’t about to stop digging just because the engaging governor is attractive, single, and an out lesbian. Reporting for the famously biased, right-wing media conglomerate is not exactly making Wynter a friend of the enigmatic leader.

Will repeated attempts on Governor Murphy’s life where Wynter might be collateral damage bring them closer together or tear them apart from what might be a perfect match?

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