Puppy Love

The Greenrock Valley Series, Book 1

By Elle Sprinkle

Falling for your boss can get pretty hairy

“Everyone makes their Barbies scissor, it doesn’t mean you’re gay.” -Cameron Miller, Puppy Love

“Puppy Love”, a sapphic romantic comedy, is the first book in a diverse, interconnected standalone series, “Greenrock Valley”. Written with dogs, spice, and everything nice, this debut novel is sure to make you laugh and sweat, all while tugging on your heartstrings.

Cameron Miller hates change. It makes her sweaty, tongue-tied, or worse- silent. Her anxiety doesn’t help, leaving her expecting disaster around every corner. And finding out that her almost one-night stand is her new boss only confirms her fears.

Violet Wolfe isn’t looking for love. In fact, due to her impending divorce, she plans to stay far, far away from it. Luckily, love, and a close encounter in a bar bathroom, don’t bear many similarities. But when the woman from last night turns up as her work’s newbie, Violet realizes she’s accidentally violated her boss’ #1 rule: No dating colleagues.

The chemistry between them is undeniable, sure, but it’s just a physical attraction- or so they tell themselves. Yet as they start to consider breaking workplace policy, as well as the boundaries they’ve set for themselves, they start to wonder if it really is just “puppy love”, or if something larger is pulling them together.

Content Warnings: This novel contains content that may be triggering to some audiences. Themes of substance abuse, parental neglect, parental death, mental illness, and sexual assault may occur.

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