Rise & Converge Complete Series

Books 1-3

By S.E. Chandler

Love is a four-letter word.

A raw, romantic suspense thriller, Rise & Converge Series is a first-crush kiss chased by a punch in the mouth.

In THE LIE THAT BINDS, BOOK 1, Ehra Havel is pretending to live like the elitist Omeo class that is trying to exploit and extinguish unmatched people just like her. Adopted from the streets of futuristic Chicago by an Omeo couple, she’s raised to follow the rules and emulate their marathon-length marriages by her counselor father.

However, these rules must be broken to survive.

“Unmarried” to steamy and stormy, nonconformist Mamara, Ehra’s rollicking ride begins with her partner’s derelict brother missing from prison. Can they find him and undo his misdeeds before getting caught by cops and unraveling their rocky relationship?

Love is a four-letter word.

The edgy, romantic suspense thriller, ENTER THE UPPERGROUND, BOOK 2 continues where The Lie That Binds leaves off. Ehra stumbles on a secret society of unmatched people passing as Omeo, even as her second-class status stymies her every turn.

With her constant questions, “Uppergrounder” Hami challenges everything Ehra knows about the world and herself. Mamara’s increasing volatility and an unexpected death thrusts Ehra into uncertainty. She is further devastated by Hami’s dangerous declaration of love.

When Ehra receives a message from her father that could upend Omeo society, she faces her own bridges of Madison County between the highlife with Hami and domestic playacting with Mamara. With everything on the line, what future will she choose for herself and her adopted daughter?

The luck stops here.

In a double-wide dose of action and misadventure, RISE & CONVERGE, BOOK 3 follows Ehra’s transition into Jett as she starts a new life in the nation’s capital, Cleveland. Her subversive policy proposal gets all the wrong attention as it threatens to upend unmatched inequities. And pressures of public life brought on by friendly fire strain her fragile new relationship to the breaking point.

Plus, one wrong slip of the tongue could undo everything and thrust her back into a life of groveling or worse.

Will she be able to hold her house together while she changes the world without revealing her identity?

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