By Lynn Lauria

Love can surprise you at any age.

So, what do you do after turning seventy years of age and your life has been unremarkable in so many ways? You do what any red-blooded American Lesbian does… you lust after the most beautiful woman in the world!

Morgan had settled into a quiet, happy (albeit lonely) life on California’s central coast. Away from the hustle and bustle of southern California, she allowed the calming effects of the Pacific Ocean to lull her into a sense of security; or at least complacency.

Until… Sloane. Until, this gorgeous woman popped unexpectedly, wonderfully into Morgan’s life. Sloane with her bobbed blonde tresses, winning smile and the lightest, brightest ice-blue eyes. And, oh yes, a PhD! Yep, a Doctor of Philosophy, the interim Dean of the nearby community college; as opposed to Morgan’s just barely achieved Bachelor of Arts and accidental careers in everything from office receptionist to retail lackey.

Morgan couldn’t fathom what possessed her to think that this accomplished, stunning woman would want to have anything to do with her. And yet…

SEVENTY is a short novella with an uplifting ending. Though there is no explicit sexual content, there are scenes of intimacy between two women.

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