Something like Us

The More Love Series, Book 1

By Shannon Renee

Will love change everything for those three?

Declan and Amara have been together for years and are headed toward all the things they want; great careers, a house, and marriage. So why does it feel like something is missing? When Amara brings up exploring her sexuality with women, Declan is all for it. I mean what guy wouldn’t want to see their girlfriend with another woman? But as they explore the world of polyamory they meet the one girl who could turn both their worlds upside down.

Harlow is happy being single and enjoying the dating scene. Scratch that, she’s happy being single but HATES the dating scene. Women are trying to commit her after one date and guys just want sex with no phone call the next morning. All she wants is the perfect friend with benefits, so when she meets Declan and Amara it seems like the perfect opportunity. The best of both worlds for her. That is until she starts to fall in love for the first time in her life, with both of them.

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