Spin My Heart Around

By Abby Crofton

Falling in love with the boss’s daughter is probably a bad idea. Even if she’s sexy, sweet, and makes a perfect lasagna.

Carly Branning has gotten used to cleaning up the messes of Hollywood legend Cybil Caron and her lovable but scandal-prone family. But she’s never worked with Tess, the eldest Caron sibling who is not like the rest; she’s a science nerd whose work is poised to revolutionize the world. She also looks great in a tux, much to Carly’s consternation.

When Carly is ordered to work with Tess on a campaign for a prestigious scientific award they disagree about almost everything. But as Carly and Tess spend time together both in and out of the lab Carly realizes that Tess has a heart just as big as her brain.


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