Standing Her Ground

By M. E. Tudor

No one is taking Jodi Nelson's son from her.

Jodi Nelson’s parents force her to a Pray-Away-The-Gay session at their church after someone sends pictures of Jodi kissing another girl to her father. Jodi is attacked at the church after the event and runs away with the help of her best friend, Robert Walsh.

Three years later, Jodi is happily living her life with her young son, Bryan, when Jodi’s parents show up and demand to be a part of Bryan’s life. Jodi refuses and goes to the ACLU for help when her parents threaten to take her son because Jodi is gay.

Jodi doesn’t realize that the pastor, Dr. David Haverty, from her former church, is behind her parents’ sudden interest in her son. It’s not until later, when she learns more about the people who attacked her at that church, that she comes to understand Dr. Haverty’s reasons for trying to get Jodi’s son taken away.

Her case is given to the former family judge, Jean Carlisle, who gladly takes the case pro bono. With Jean’s help, Jodi is going to stand her ground against the people who would try to take Bryan from her.

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