Steamy and Sexy First Time Lesbian Collection

By Suze Snow

Four hot and steamy lesbian tales of seduction in one sexy collection.

Steamy and Sexy First Time Lesbian Collection – Women having their first taste of a new lesbian experience.

Naughty Lesbian Sleepover
What happens when two 19-year-old girls who are best friends spend their last night together before going their separate ways to collegeSkimpy pajamas, flirting, touching, kissing, and….It was everything Britney wanted to do with Julia and more. What Britney hadn’t expected was to catch Julia’s mother taking extra special care of herself down the hallway. She certainly didn’t anticipate the MILF welcoming her into bed for a strapping good time. Britney thoroughly enjoys herself in two steamy and hot separate encounters that will have her leaving for college with a hands on lesson in sex ed.

My First Time Lesbian Experience
Karel has a crush on her sexy and far from innocent college roommate, Vanessa. After a month of living together and Karel waking up to Vanessa moaning on the couch, Karel’s lust-filled crush turns into a raging desire to have her. A night of pizza and a movie in their apartment turns into a stimulating first time lesbian experience she will never forget. She gets her first taste and it’s not just finger food she’s craving.

First Time Menage Lesbian Naughty Maids
Quinn and Roxy are two young girls who clean houses to help pay for college. They find Ms. Parker’s sex toys in her bedroom and can’t resist trying a few. Ms. Parker returns and finds both girls enthusiastically buzzing in the bedroom. It’s her house and her toys, and she demands to get in on the naughty girl on girl action. Quinn and Roxy always strive to make their clients happy no matter what it takes. They won’t leave until Ms. Parker is satisfied with their teamwork and ability to take orders.

Returning The Favor
Young, but not so innocent, Gina looks forward to her massages by Tammy. This time, she flips it and tempts the sexy and gorgeous MILF masseuse by offering her a sensual lust-filled massage under her own manipulating fingers. Does she have what it takes to turn the table on Tammy, or does Tammy have a surprise happy ending of her own planned?

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