Straight Girls Season One Shadow Stories

Straight Girls Series

By S. E. Chandler

Before their happily ever after, she had other plans…

Straight Girls Season One love interests tell all: You met the one-night wonder, Jackie, in Straight Girls Wanna Have Fun. Then the quiet nerd looking for long-term love, Dani, in Straight Girls Trip. You went deep with the brooding artist, Jules Egan in The Straight Girl That Got Away. And went for a wild ride with the reformed player-turned-soul-searcher, Frankie.

Now it’s their turn.

Ann Carter, the return-to-hometown nurse, reveals her lifelong secret of shame. Savvy CEO Hae Park shows her true colors under her perfect exterior. Movie starlet Sawyer Quinn is so much more than a Barbie with a wild side in the sheets. And Samantha Steel, the massage therapist still pining for her second night with Frankie, spits fire from behind her sweet veneer.

Each novelette tells the stories you loved from the perspective of the other woman with unique insights, what-were-they-thinking moments revealed, quirky and fun supporting casts, and bonus scenes with their main characters. Don’t miss their happily-ever-after moments and the rocky road to get there with Straight Girls Season One Shadow Stories!

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