The Calling of Caellaias

The Kingdom of Caellaias Series, Book 1

By Mikaelynn Rose

Momma wasn't lying; Caellaias is real.


I was always a girl who was dying to find my place in the world. After an opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t pass it up. I packed up my small apartment and moved across the country, away from my parents, with my little sister in tow to a cabin in a remote area of the mountains. While trying to learn about the place I would be calling home, I encountered my new neighbor. She was beautiful, almost dangerously so. But something about her was different. Something I couldn’t quite figure out until it was too late. Will she help me unearth my family’s secrets? Even if it means going back to the place she never wanted to return to?


I just wanted to live in peace. I managed to escape from my past and have many peaceful years. Then, she moved into the house up the way. The first time I laid eyes on her, I knew things would never be the same, but I couldn’t figure out why. Or how. What was so special about this woman? I was like a moth drawn to a flame, and I couldn’t help myself. When things all started to make sense, I couldn’t stop it. I was in too deep and couldn’t force myself to run. I knew I should, but I couldn’t leave her. What’s wrong with me? What has she done?

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