The Divided Man

The Gamma Trita Trilogy, Book 2

By Steve Grobschmidt

Reluctant super agent Lorelei Ogden fights against all odds to survive in a galaxy hell bent on her capture.

Lorelei Ogden is back. Even as deadly forces continue chasing her through the solar system, she’s chosen to remain herself rather than unlock Mia Semm, the ruthless super agent within. With a new ship and crew, Ogden and April Vasquez search for a way to reunite the mind and body of Semm’s old partner Trent, who may hold the key to bringing down the oppressive Gamma Trita Corporation and their grip on the solar system.

In the thrilling sequel to Gemini Girl, Steve Grobschmidt takes you to a sprawling metropolis on Mars, the pirate moon Triton and beyond the Solar System. More than ever, Ogden doesn’t know who she can trust. But she’ll give her all to protect her friends and escape the wrath of Gamma Trita.

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