The Golden People

Into the Cult: My Story

By J A Yates

“I want you to understand – there is no one person to blame. There are situations. History. Mentality. Emotions. Sex. The human desire to belong. Still, you will read my story and say, ‘I could never join a cult and cause such destruction.’”
Once I would have responded, ‘Me neither.’
But I did. And this is my story.”

Bored, discontent and broken, wealthy art student Lillian is at crossroads: she doesn’t fit in, her self-esteem is lacking, and she is losing her best friend. An accidental encounter leads her to Ivy, an intriguing girl possessing what Lillian has been seeking, including compelling, lascivious encounters. Ivy introduces Lillian to a group calling itself The Golden People, a community that shuns society by creating its own culture. The group welcomes Lillian with unconditional love, allowing her a place to heal and belong. Lillian makes a choice and finds herself swept into the world of the Golden People, living on their compound and quickly adopting the doctrine.

Lillian falls under the leader’s spell, Father Golden, who holds all the answers as a partner, a healer, and a prophet. Lillian discovers Ivy may not be who she claims – or is she? Was their meeting fate or Ivy’s plan? Father Golden turns cruel and selfish as secrets and lies are exposed. Now a devout member of the Golden People, Lillian’s future may become the antithesis of what she planned and wished for, but is it too late? Her idyllic destiny is about to turn into horror and chaos.

True crime author J A. Yates guides the reader into a cult, from induction to frightening destruction. By utilizing extensive research into the phenomenon, a story of love, addiction, violence, and humanity is woven into an account that will be difficult to forget yet easy to understand: the blind obedience to a cult.

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