The Ker At Thermopylae

The Thermopylae Bound Series, Book 3

By Belinda Harrison

Skylar is about to learn the truth about her mother, and herself and she will find it hard to forgive the man who keep the truth from her.

Everyone has secrets. But what has Leandros kept from Skylar that would cause her to turn from him, perhaps forever, and should she believe what others tell her over the man who has cared for her and taught her for twenty winters?

After their challenges and adventures in the south, Skylar and Alexis return to Trachis where King Agrias grants Skylar permission to betroth his daughter. Skylar forms an important alliance with Cleomenes, King of Sparta, to gain the privilege and quell those who would oppose the union. With their wedding feast complete and the announcement of their child made, another new beginning emerges for Skylar: as Princess of Trachis.

But before their child’s birthing day arrives, Ares decides it is time Skylar learned who she really is, and what she means to him and the Keres. He gifts her with an amulet and as Skylar tests her abilities and falls under the amulet’s intoxicating spell, she risks losing everyone and everything she has come to love. And she may not care.

Leandros does the only thing he can to break her from the spell, but neither the child, Alexis or Skylar may survive what lies ahead the next few moons.

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