The Littlest Werewolf

By Erin Wade

When Dr. Haven Langley rescues a tiny Yorkie from a pack of dogs, she bites off more than she can chew.

AN AMAZON BESTSELLER in LGBT. A Lesbian, Action and Adventure, Love Story.

Put into the witness protection program medical doctor Haven Langley is hidden in a veterinarian clinic In Sugar Land, TX. On her way home one night she saves a small Yorkie from a pack of vicious dogs. She pets and soothes the trembling little guy, and both fall asleep in her bed. Haven is surprised to be awakened the next morning by a small boy pulling the covers off her asking to be fed. She searches every room in her house but can’t find the Yorkie. Things heat up when hired killer Nova Norton appears on the scene to collect the bounty placed on Haven’s head by a New York crime boss.

Can Federal Marshall Genesis Adams keep her witness alive long enough to put criminals behind bars?

For suspense, laughter and romance check out Bestselling Author Erin Wade’s new lesbian short story designed to entertain you.

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