The Unlocked Legacy

The Burgundy Hart series, Book 2

By Lucy True

It’s time to quit the bitching and start the… warlocking.

Unregistered warlock? Check. Date with the Witches Council? Check. Inevitable explosions? Check.

Hey, it’s not like Burgundy Jane Hart asked for this, no matter how dull life as Rock Grove’s librarian is. But ever since her father showed up and told her the truth – that she’s actually a warlock – she’s had plenty of time to think about her life choices.

Between movie nights and town meetings, not to mention an unexpected promotion, Burgundy thinks she might get the hang of this warlock thing, after all. Oh, and get the girl. (Which one? Turns out, that’s trickier than she expected.)

Except the Witches Council has other ideas and things take a dark turn even Burgundy couldn’t have foreseen. It’s live free or die when Rock Grove is placed under martial law, and only one person has the sass (or stupidity) to stand against the Finders.

Decision’s made. It’s time for Burgundy to embrace her heritage as a warlock or risk losing everything she holds dear.

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