The Vampire’s Prey

By Esther J. Autumn

Captured! Ensnared! At the mercy of a bloodthirsty vampire!!

When her latest theft goes south, adrenaline junkie Rhea thinks she’s done for – but the vampire she’s just robbed has other plans.

Beautiful, rich, deadly – vampire Camilla Hawthorne captures your breath before snuffing it out. Her immortality has granted her power and wealth beyond imagining – but even gold glows dull with the passage of countless decades.

Then, Rhea barrels into her life.

Young, fiendishly talented, and quick on her feet – blink, and you’ll miss her, your pockets all the lighter.

Camilla can’t keep her eyes off of her.

And what Camilla wants – she gets.

Seductive but coy, Camilla swathes Rhea in silks and jewels, plies her full with meat and wine. Fed and dressed, Rhea is invited to a heated, dangerous dance.

Is this all one cruel deception? A cat, toying with a mouse? A pig, being readied for slaughter?

Or a genuine offer for more?

Rhea has always had a weakness for older women.

Being attracted to your natural enemy is dangerous – one wrong move can mean death. Can Rhea survive the night, without losing her life – or her heart?

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