Thinking About Her

By Ophelia Alexander

Figuring out who you hard has never been so hard.

Clare is seventeen, a popular straight-A student, and has her daily life completely determined by her controlling mother. Outwardly it appears she has everything figured out, but silently she feels lost in someone else’s life. Her only escape is behind the lens of her camera.

Hilda is forced to move back to the US and is looking to escape a painful past relationship and start over. Her alternative look and rough exterior don’t do her any favors as she struggles to be accepted by her peers and restart her athletic career.

When the two girls meet for the first time, something clicks. New and conflicting emotions stir within Clare that force her to question who she is and what she wants out of life. Hilda, being suddenly thrust into the spotlight of Clare’s popularity, fears that to fit in, she’ll need to hide her feelings of affection, which has never been her strong suit. Will the two be able to navigate the uncharted waters of their passion, or will they drown in a sea of their own expectations?

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