Valerie Series

The Valerie Series, Book Omnibus of books 1-3

By Kit Eyre

Opposites attract as a politician and a taxi driver make a life together.

Get the first three books of the Valerie Series together in one bundle.

Book 1 – Valerie

A taxi driver and a politician. Opposites attract, but can it last?

Taxi driver Max Jarvis has never been one for falling hard, especially when a woman as vibrant as politician Valerie Smythe crosses her path. As an election draws closer and loyalties are tested, will Max and Valerie make the right choices?

Book 2 – Amy

With an unexpected leadership election called in Westminster, the race is on to decide the next PM. Valerie Smythe MP is out of favour with her colleagues and has no desire to get involved in the campaign – until events make it unavoidable.

Can Valerie make a difference to the leadership campaign and still come out of it with her relationships unscathed?

Book 3 – Max

Since leaving home as a teenager, Max has kept away from her bigoted parents, but now they’re keen to make contact and not so keen on taking “no” for an answer.

With a hidden agenda at play, Max and Valerie rely on their friends and family to help them unravel what the Jarvises really want, but will they manage to outsmart them?

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