What The Woof?

By Lorna Grace

A "Look Who's Talking" but for dogs lesbian romance story.

Mindy runs a successful dog kennel and grooming business, but she’s lonely. She meets the love her life at a gas station, of all places. Not a lesbian club or a bar, a gas station. Sam is everything Mindy thinks she isn’t. Smooth, fit, beautiful,and confident. As if meeting her potential girlfriend while filling up at a gas station isn’t strange enough, she begins hearing the thoughts of her clients’ dogs after bumping her head one day. What ensues is a light-hearted playful tale about Mindy adjusting to her new “gift” while going through the awkward first stages of dating Sam.

If you’re looking for a happy and carefree story, come along and join Mindy on this unusual lesbian romance filled with comedy, drama, sex, and most of all love. If you are a big animal lover, this one is for you!

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