What To Do Outside Tremont

The Cornwall Lesbian Romance Series, Book 3

By Sabrina Kane

She is also a young woman who has made a very big decision about how she will focus her energies going forward with regards to her love life…

25-year-old Tina Samaras is a young artist who has a dream job at one of the region’s premier fine art destinations, the Linden Gallery Cornwall.

32-year-old freelance journalist Katelynn Jefferson came to Cornwall, England from America to get married.

The marriage lasted about five minutes, but two years later, she’s still in Cornwall, renting a cottage in the Lesbian Central of the region, the village of Tremont…

When Katelynn arrives at her friend Robyn’s birthday party, she immediately spies a young woman who absolutely takes her breath away.

But there is no way such a youngster would consider dating a woman in her thirties! Right?

Meanwhile, Tina finds herself completely smitten with the American whom she now doesn’t want to let anyone else near during the entire party.

But there is no way a woman in her thirties would be interested in someone as young as herself! Right?

Thank goodness Robyn is around to play the role of the meddling friend…and soon Katelynn will discover that outside of Tremont, there is plenty for a gay woman to do…

What to Do Outside Tremont is the third instalment in Sabrina Kane’s popular Cornwall Lesbians series.

As usual, it follows the recipe for what makes a Sabrina Kane novel a must-read for so many fans: low angst, razor-sharp wit, relatable characters, and plenty of steam.

What’s more…this novel contains a bonus epilogue unlike any other you’ve ever read in lesbian fiction, and which will serve as the launching point for a brand-new series of sapphic romances…

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