When We’re Meant to Be

The Meant to Be Series, Book 2

By Skye Von Triessen

In the end, life will make choices for them and maybe it was just not meant to be, or was it?

When Dr. Alexandra Edison’s world was ripped apart, the last thing she expected was to end up in a casual affair with Blake Westmore. Soon after she was forced to choose between her past and her present, when her strong sense of obligation forced her to leave the woman whom she shared one of the most unforgettable experiences with, and head back to L.A. to help the woman who broke her heart. At that moment, it didn’t seem like she had a choice. She did what she thought was right, even if nothing felt right about it. Life made choices for her, which she had no control over, or did she?

Dr. Blake Westmore allowed Alexandra to walk away from her without putting up a fight. She felt she had no choice but to accept Alexandra’s decision. Will she just allow Alexandra to leave her behind, or will she realize that she made a big mistake in letting her go, without telling her how she feels about her? Did she really have a say in the decision that life had made for them in some ways? Nothing felt right or fair about life just intervening and ripping from her grasp, what could quite possibly be the best thing that had ever happened to her.

So, the questions remain. What will both women do? Will Alexandra remain in L.A. with the woman who broke her heart or will she return to the one who had healed her broken heart? Will Blake go after Alexandra or will she just let her go without a fight? The even bigger question is, will they get their happily ever after? More importantly, will their happily ever after be together? In the end, life will make choices for them and maybe it was just not meant to be, or was it?

Content warnings for one scene in chapter 23 that involves violence that may be a trigger for readers.

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