Where She Belongs

The Coming Home Trilogy, Book 3

By Teresa Purkis

A rollercoaster ride of Love and Friendshipship

Where She Belongs continues to follow the fortunes of Jocelyn and Trina in this poignant and heartwarming tale of family, relationships, friendships and love. it is a wonderfully engaging and moving story of real love. Showing the happiness and sadness it takes to make a true relationship. Set in Bristol, England. It interweaves humour and gravity, and conflict and harmony. Whilst being laced throughout with love. It will make you laugh, cry, seethe and appreciate life and love. Jocelyn is finally back for good and she hopes the rocky start to her relationship with Trina is behind her. All she wants is a family life she has forever craved, but was always lacking. for Trina, her two children come first. She knows that Jocelyn loves them, and they her. But is that enough? Can she trust Jocelyn enough to accept her back into their lives? Will the ghosts from the past continue to haunt them or will they be banished forever? Do they both have the strength of character to get them through all that life throws at them? Will the love and acceptance Jocelyn found with Trina survive. Is she truly Where She Belongs?

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