Witchtryst: Book Two

The Dark Sun Series, Book 2

By Sable Cross

Her desperate choice leads to her darkest sacrifice

A dire choice…
A desperate quest…
A love in torment…

Nyx Thornfield, a resolute vampire, finds herself in a desperate battle to save her dearly loved witch, October Jones, from an affliction caused by The Evil. When conventional methods fail, Nyx takes a drastic step, using her own blood to save her, igniting a fierce clash with October’s mother and robbing the young witch of her magic.

Struggling with the loss of her identity, October distances herself from Nyx, their once fiery romance now strained and fragile. As their relationship is tested with October grappling with her loss and Nyx seeking redemption, they uncover deeper threats that could destroy them.

Driven by love and guilt, Nyx embarks on a dangerous quest to restore October’s powers. Guided by the reluctant Witch Council, Nyx’s journey leads her to an equally reticent angel whose help comes with formidable challenges. Each step of her journey is fraught with danger, testing her love and determination.

Can the determined vampire find a way to restore not only her beloved witch’s magic but their love as well?

As Nyx faces impossible challenges, October must confront her own fears and anger. With their love hanging by a thread, October and Nyx must navigate a world filled with danger…

…and distrust.

Witchtryst: Book Two is the final installment in the Dark Sun duet. Immerse yourself in the perilously, forbidden romance between a seductive vampire spy and a young naive witch who becomes the light to her darkness.

This is a steamy F/F vampire romance with supernatural themes. Content notes are available on the Copyright page.

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