Without Words

Alumita Fantasy Lesbian Romance Anthology

By Cameron Darrow

On the hunt for the truth, a princess and an outcast find much more than they expected.

Words aren’t always easy. Sometimes they’re impossible. Only too rarely are they unnecessary.

Long set apart from the rest of her tribe, Zifa’s life of quiet invisibility high in the mist-shrouded trees of the Great Forest has meant the first two have always been true, the last barely a dream. It takes the arrival of a foreign princess unlike any elf Zifa has ever seen to leave her speechless. The newly-installed Princess Skathi brings with her dire news, however: the desert-dwelling Cantari tribe is on the verge of losing its only source of water and magic. Charged with finding a way to save her people by any means necessary, when negotiations go poorly her options quickly dwindle to accepting their fate or taking a new home from their pacifist cousins by force. So when a final, remote chance to fix things peacefully presents itself, she takes it, even if it requires venturing with Zifa into the most cursed place in any elven tongue to confront not only their fears, but everything Skathi thought she knew about strength.

From the highest place to the lowest, they will need everything they find in each other to face the truths awaiting them.

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