By Susie Ray

Dying her hair shocking pink for charity has disastrous results for Nina's career, but amazing results for her love life!

Nina could never have imagined the dramatic impact that dying her hair, shocking pink, to raise funds for a worthy cause, would have on her life…

Wherever she goes, she struggles to cope with all the unwanted attention she gets, and her boss suspends her from work, but there are upsides too – she might never have made a connection with Sandie, or have made the discovery that was about to change her life, if she hadn’t…

Whilst she is in turmoil trying to cope with the new reality, that her discovery affords, Nina puts everything at risk in a moment of madness, where lust takes over, as she gets lost in the rush of emotions with a total stranger. Should she confess everything and throw herself on Sandie’s mercy or keep a devastating secret? Temporarily, unable to regret the joy she experienced and be truly remorseful, Nina is racked with guilt, ready to give up a possible future with Sandie, but Sandie has other ideas…

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