Working From Home 4

The Working From Home Series, Book 4

By Sam Kestrel

Jo couldn’t have anticipated the diversity of sexual needs and desires she’d encounter in her business.

Jo continues her business from her home, giving women a sexual experience with another woman if that’s what they want. But her business takes some twists and turns. A teenager shows up for an appointment, and Jo must decide what she is, and isn’t, willing to do. A psychotherapist comes to see her because she can’t have an orgasm with her boyfriend but doesn’t want to see a therapist she might run into later. Jo demonstrates her creativity and desire to be helpful above all else when a woman with a past history of trauma comes to see Jo. Another woman, bisexual but in love with her boyfriend, really just wants to be ****ed by a woman. Weaved in between all of these appointments are interactions with Avery, an ex client and new friend of Jo’s. The combination of it all has stirred doubts in Jo about her ability to continue with her business.

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