Working From Home 5

The Working From Home Series, Book 5

By Sam Kestrel

She didn't expect to develop feelings for a client..

Jo Clark continues her business of giving women the sexual experience they desire. However, as time goes on, so do Jo’s doubts. She stumbles when one of her clients schedules a second visit, regains her footing, if only slightly, with a woman who fantasizes about her therapist and steps up her game for a butch-identified lesbian who feels judged, misunderstood and sexually unfulfilled. But through all this, Jo’s interactions with her new friend, Avery, are foremost on her mind. She can’t admit to herself that she might have feelings for Avery. What will Jo do with her business once her heart is no longer in it? Having promised herself she’d never allow her heart to be broken again, what will she do when she can’t get thoughts of Avery out of her mind?

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