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Collection: Book of the Month

Thy Neighbor’s Wife

Cover of Thy Neighbor's Wife

Alex Foster’s life is exactly as she wants it. She’s quit her job as an English teacher and has decided to hole up in her newly acquired lake house for the summer to try her hand at writing a novel. She has close friends; she has her dog; she plays volleyball. She is content. Jennifer […]

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Timber Falls

Cover of Timber Falls

Haley Martin used to be what the locals called a “river rat”, back during the days of her college years. Now she owns the Timber Falls Bar and Grill, drawn back to the picturesque village seven years ago after the tragic death of her wife. Carter, a disgraced LAPD detective, was offered an out—a position […]

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Of Wulf and Wynd: Part 2

Cover of Of Wulf and Wynd, Part 2

Prince Tharon’s attempt to spy on her enemy kingdom might cost her the only person who once held her heart. But she is unwilling to accept Roswynd’s greatest sacrifice, even if it means ending her life too. Tharon will battle death to save her wife so they can live out their days together. Princess Roswynd’s […]

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Once a Month

Cover of Once a Month

She has a fantasy she wants to explore and has the means to do it. Joining a monthly sex club was never part of her big life plan, but the desire to explore that part of herself is too intense, the pull – too strong. The first month she goes, she meets a woman who […]

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The Inconvenient Heiress

Cover of The Inconvenient Heiress

Content with her watercolor paintings and her cats, she is confident that no one suspects her forbidden and unrequited passion for her best friend, Caroline. The eldest in a family of six children, Miss Caroline Reeve has the unenviable task of shepherding her siblings into adulthood with little coin and even less patience. The only […]

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Annie on a Bun

Cover of Annie on a Bun

Working as a barista in a busy downtown café, and as an accounting clerk for a quirky bookstore owner, Annie has her fair share of diverse characters that circle her wagon of life. It isn’t until she signs up with Guardian Services—a monthly membership of fairy godmothers—that Annie’s white bread life begins to take off […]

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Out Of The Shadows

Cover of Out Of The Shadows

Shelby Grace Nash, known as the drummer in Emmy Whittaker’s band, is stepping out of her friend’s shadow to produce an album of her own. While making her dream come true, Shelby Grace has to examine the reasons why her engagement to race car driver Ethan fell apart. Is it because he didn’t respect her […]

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Cover of Solanum

When Caroline Donovan and Nora Brody are assigned to the same unit of the FBI, they become fast friends. As they navigate through their careers, the connection they share changes and grows along with them. Their unique challenges, and favorite kinks, entangle them in ways neither expected.

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In Our Words

Cover of In Our Words

Comprising both the renowned and emerging voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color authors, across multiple countries, and diverse in style, perspective, and theme, In Our Words reflects the complexity and diversity of human experience.

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The Black Knight and The Lady

Cover of The Black Knight and The Lady

A knight armored in black, in search of redemption, has a personal secret that at any time could ruin the reputation of the family name. When the lady’s father, a nobleman affiliated with King Arthur, asks the Black Knight to bring his daughter home from Camelot, the knight reluctantly agrees. Neither the lady nor the […]

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