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Collection: Sapphfic Pride Collection

Every Version

Cover of Every Version

Queer Prom-A-Rama is Denver Pride’s biggest event and as one of the head organizers, Lizzie can’t stand the thought of going alone—especially not when she finds out her ex is bringing a literal local celebrity. She’s willing to try on every version of herself to find the perfect date—she could be the quirky dream girl […]

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The Perfect Fit

Cover of The Perfect Fit

After coming out, her overbearing, but loving, family suggests a Pride tour – a different Pride event every weekend of June. Ashton reluctantly agrees but worries she won’t even be able to find her place at Pride. When she meets Dakota Douglass, it seems too good to be true. There’s no way a hot, cool […]

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Faux Pas

Cover of Faux Pas

Willow Arches is a queer-destination small town, but Paige doesn’t know that—she’s never even heard of it before a granduncle she never knew about passes and leaves his restaurant, Faux Pas, in her name. A real estate developer by day, for Paige, renovating the restaurant to sell it for a tidy profit is a no-brainer. […]

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Down to A Science

Cover of Down to A Science

She’s on track to become a leading expert in biomedical engineering, she has a pub where she feels comfortable enough to hang out multiple times a week, and, so what if she doesn’t have time for… people? She doesn’t need or want them. Until she meets Mia Sharpe. As it turns out, maybe Ellie does […]

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The Glow Up

Cover of The Glow Up

Jo’s dreams have always been too big for her small-town Montana life. When she lands a competitive internship in Chicago, her conservative parents worry about letting her go. But it’s the opportunity of a lifetime, sure to change her world. Hazel is a city girl to the core, absorbing all the culture Chicago has to […]

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Cover of Howl

Lou McCallister owns Howl, the only surviving queer bar in Boston. When an investment opportunity to save the floundering bar is inadvertently sabotaged by Clementine Darby, Howl’s newest employee, Lou is ready to give up. Now Clem will do anything she can to make it right and keep Howl alive, but will she be able […]

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Pride Festival

Cover of Pride Festival

When Ruby Simon wanted something, she usually got it and didn’t mind working hard for it. Her small town had never done anything for Pride month, and she was determined to change that. Starting with a parade would be a little much, so Ruby started planning a festival. Chance Curtis was used to always being […]

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Take Two

Cover of Take Two

Gina Mitchells has a problem. The assistant professor is in charge of her college’s Pride festival committee, and the celebrity grand marshal they’d painstakingly recruited has just blown up the internet with a major scandal. Messing up the festival could ruin her chance to be approved for tenure. There’s exactly one famous person Gina knows […]

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