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Cover of The Road to You

Book: The Road to You

By Harper Bliss | Narrated by Emily Beresford, Gabra Zackman

Workaholic Katherine and free-spirited singer Ali have disliked each other since college. Fate, however, keeps bringing them together and the paths of their lives keep crossing. Are some differences in personality simply too vast to overcome? Or are some things…

Cover of Artist Free Zone

Book: Artist Free Zone

By Annette Mori | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Melissa just moved to a conservative part of Washington State. A move designed to set her and her longtime partner up for early retirement. But best laid plans go awry when her partner, Colette decides, out of the blue, their…

Cover of Seeing Red

Book: Seeing Red

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Hunter has spent the last two years running in place. Trying to get ahead of the bills. Trying to provide for her sister, Piper, and her nephews. Trying to finish her nursing education. Trying to keep Piper out of her…

Cover of Cinders

Book: Cinders

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Cynthia “Cyn” Robinson has only ever wanted three things: her stepmother’s approval, to save lives as a firefighter, and the attention of her long-time crush, Marigold Grimm. The problems? Her stepmother would rather she be like girly-girl Marigold than be…

Cover of Fixer Upper

Book: Fixer Upper

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Avery Blake has spent years getting by all on her own in a big house on the countryside. As a contractor, there’s not much room for emotion in her male-dominated profession, and she’s perfectly content to keep people out of…

Cover of Fairest

Book: Fairest

By Cara Malone | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who is fairest of them all? Everyone says Luma has the world at her fingertips. Her trust fund can buy anything she wants, there’s a modeling agency courting her, and most people would kill for…

Cover of Contract for Love

Book: Contract for Love

By Alison Grey | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Single mom Sherry lives in a trailer park with her six-year-old son Jake, trying to make ends meet as a waitress. Madison’s life couldn’t be more different. She’s been raised by her rich grandmother, and her only goals are partying…

Cover of The Preacher's Daughter

Book: The Preacher’s Daughter

By K.A. Moll | Narrated by Emily Beresford

Behind the throttle of a Black Hawk, Hunter Morgan was fearless. As a firefighter, she steps up when others step back. A handsome woman with a big heart and dark secrets, she hasn’t flown or dated since she was in…

Cover of Following Chance

Book: Following Chance

By Baxter Brown | Narrated by Emily Beresford

When Kate and Lauren meet in college it’s love at first sight. Unfortunately, the fact that school is almost over is the least of their problems. A roller coaster of emotions and uncertainty causes Kate to leave town, and a…

Cover of Deadly Deception

Book: Deadly Deception

By Cade Brogan | Narrated by Emily Beresford

And when a woman is found dead in her shower, her neck punctured by a deadly dart, she recognizes the work of her old nemesis. With two killers on the loose and the clock ticking, she’s desperate to protect her…