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Cover of Taijiku

Book: Taijiku

By Elizabeth Andre

“I love this short story. It’s tightly packed with action, romance, setting and tension.” — Clare O’Beara “Intriguing and adventurous.”–Ameliah Faith “Cute short story about a juvenile delinquent’s adventures in life and love aboard an advanced submarine on a near…

Cover of Give Me Thorns

Book: Give Me Thorns

By Elizabeth Andre

Megan, a long-haired femme lesbian with beautiful pale skin and chestnut brown hair, is having a very loud and public fight with her soon to be ex-girlfriend when a woman on a motorcycle comes to her rescue. Against her better…

Cover of Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12

Book: Lesbian Light Reads Volumes 7-12

By Elizabeth Andre

The Beauty Queen Called Twice All Lauren Golden wants is to be the best journalist ever. The gorgeous redhead with pale white skin and hazel eyes wants the story and nothing else. When an editor tells her to interview the…

Cover of Skating on Air

Book: Skating on Air

By Elizabeth Andre

Gigi Darnell, a beautiful African American physician, has reached her early 40s with a fabulous job, a beautiful home, and a bevy of nieces and nephews who love her. But being the best daughter, sister, and aunt doesn’t make her…

Cover of Stop and Go

Book: Stop and Go

By Elizabeth Andre

Krista Sutter has taken herself out of the dating pool after a bad breakup and moved from the American Midwest to Southeast Asia. The beautiful brunette wants to heal her heart and enjoy everything Laos has to offer. She expects…

Cover of Nice Jewish Girls

Book: Nice Jewish Girls

By Elizabeth Andre

Susan Hay just wants to find a nice girl. Is that too much to ask? Susan thinks it is until she meets Ali Sams. To no one’s surprise, Susan, a long-haired femme, falls hard and fast for the cute and…

Cover of Right Time For Love

Book: Right Time For Love

By Elizabeth Andre

When Hannah, a 65-year old retired nurse, goes on a Caribbean cruise with a bunch of her friends all she wants to do is win the euchre tournament. She’d like to fall in love, but suspects it may be too…

Cover of Roll With Me

Book: Roll With Me

By Elizabeth Andre

Chloe is a former runner turned wheelchair racer with MS who doesn’t want sympathy or to be saved. She just wants to fall in love. When she meets Rachel, a fellow runner with long hair and beautiful legs, they initially…

Cover of The Time Slip Girl

Book: The Time Slip Girl

By Elizabeth Andre

Dara, a computer programmer from Chicago, is visiting London when she opens a door in an Edwardian house and slips into Edwardian England. Agnes, a beautiful London shop girl, takes in the bewildered 21st century American lesbian, but, as Dara…

Cover of Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same

Book: Lesbian With Dog Seeks Same

By Elizabeth Andre

Beautiful African American Jordan is quite happy spending most of her free time hanging with her dog Minnie. She doesn’t need a girlfriend. Her life is just fine as it is. Jordan’s life begins to change one early Sunday morning…