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Cover of Whimsical Diva

Book: Whimsical Diva

By Tiffany E. Taylor

Nova MacLeod is a tiny femme dynamo in the close-knit town of Whimsy, Florida—the snarky, humorous Dream Creamery ice cream artisan who also has an illustrious reputation in the world of food styling. Unbeknownst to anyone else, however, Nova also…

Cover of The Panther and the Dove

Book: The Panther and the Dove

By Tiffany E. Taylor

On September 11, 2001, then 27-year-old Melisande Stratton watches in horror as the second plane hits the South Tower of the World Trade Center live on television—where her lover and her parents had gone without her that morning. At home…

Cover of Coven

Book: Coven

By Tiffany E. Taylor

When Fire witch Sheridan Sullivan—alone after the death of her mother—moves to Florida and meets Dylan Bellamy, she thinks she’s found a family with Dylan and the Coven of the New Moon, despite a rocky start. It doesn’t hurt that…

Cover of Whimsical Princess

Book: Whimsical Princess

By Tiffany E. Taylor

Kelly Holland is everything her sweet older sister, Rowan, is not: Kelly is bold, badass, and the best covert and clandestine operations analyst the CIA has ever had in their agency. Kelly also has a secret. A very big, very…

Cover of Trust In Me

Book: Trust In Me

By Tiffany E. Taylor

Giselle Deveraux is the Artistic Director of Edge, the most exclusive hair salon and spa in the Tampa Bay area. She is also secretly a femme submissive, but one who’s vowed she will never again get involved with another so-called…

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